NextGen Artist Mgmt.

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Omni-channel social CRM that can understand the languages of fans for the artist management industry

About Us

"Know your fans without actually knowing them"

Founded in Hong Kong, Mishkan is currently a team of 2 heavy SNS users that pay close attention to all kinds of entertainment & online media contents. We grew up watching Disney and Japanese anime. We saw how K-Pop has gone global and been a craze among people who don’t even speak Korean. Now, we are witnessing an influencer-booming era thanks to the thrive of social media and smartphones.

At Mishkan, we believe social media is an untapped gold mine that could bring valuable insights to entertainment & media industry, and by digging it using AI and machine learning methods, we’ll facilitate the next big change.

Product Feature

All-in-one Dashboard

Fully customizable key index modules and real-time alert for appearance on trending searches and music charts ranking. Monitoring artists’ online presence could be as easy as you could imagine

Cross Platform

We consolidate data from major social media platforms, search engines, music charts, and relevant news websites; we enable you to view artist online presence data all in one place.

Sentiment Analysis

We turn comments/ posts/ articles in different languages into intuitive sentiment by leveraging machine learning techniques. Keeping track of audience sentiment across different regions couldn't be easier.

Social Listening

We monitor social KPIs of artists from time to time and visualize all data in a comprehensive way.

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